Holy Mocha

"You guys have ruined Starbucks for me!!"

At Northlake, we value relationships. And nothing in the Northwest quite gets people connecting like a relaxing atmosphere and a warm cup of Joe. That's why we've taken our coffee to a whole new level, transforming brewing from an art into a ministry.

Coffee Bar Menu

Latte Mocha



Blended drink

Iced drink

Italian Soda

Hot Cocoa

*soy or rice milk available upon request

We have many different flavors to choose from!

Items and Prices

latte, mocha, blended or iced drink

$2.75 12oz - $3.25 16oz - $3.75 20oz

Americano, hot cocoa

$1.25 12oz - $1.75 16oz - $2.25 20oz

Don't want to worry about forgetting your cash? We now accept debit/credit cards. We also sell punch cards for $20, with a free drink, any size, at the end!