The Way

Do you someone who could use some food assistance? 

The Way is here to help ease hunger in our community. Twice monthly, food boxes are available to anyone in our community at no charge and without obligation. 

The Way is a faith-based, non-government supported food assistance ministry, associated with NorthLake Church in Camas, Washington. 

The Way provides food for our community, a storehouse for emergencies and an outreach of prayer and compassion to those in need. 

The Way complies with all applicable County, State, and Federal Regulations for a faith-based, non-government funded food bank. 


Ministry services are provided at no charge and without obligation. Those in need are not required to attend the church, or any service in order to receive assistance. Although volunteering for The Way Ministry is encouraged, no one will be required to work for assistance

The Way Ministry does not discriminate regarding race, religion, marital status, political beliefs or income status.

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